About Axel

“One of my biggest thrills is helping people get to where they want to go (no, I’ve never been a taxi driver…and refuse to take people for a ride!). To see that look in people’s faces when they ‘get it’, and say “I know it now. I understand what went wrong and how I can really change that!!”... That brings me almost as much joy as sharing ‘churros’ with hot chocolate close to a fireplace while it rains outside and the sea is rough.”

Axel loves people and reading. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a father of Italian-Calabrese and Sicilian-background. His mother was born in Chile and is of Basque, Spanish background. Axel was raised in Victoria, Australia and considers himself a citizen of the world. During his high school years he spent way too many lunch times studying over three hundred manuals on behavioural studies, psychology and psychiatry and concluded that some of the authors definitely needed help. He learnt to read Shona (Zimbabwean language) but didn’t have much of a chance to use it while traveling Europe. He pursued an education in business and finance and spent seventeen years in the banking industry. For a while he lived in Mozambique, Africa, helping with relief-missions to war-victims. Besides English—his main language—he speaks, reads and writes Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

While these helped while working in South America as a foreign language teacher they were of no use to him in Moscow, Russia and neither were these languages of much use to him in his last project which was living in China for a year while endeavoring to learn Mandarin. As a child he had a male pet cat named Tammy because Axel didn’t know Tammy was a girl’s name. For the time he realized it, the cat wouldn’t respond to anything else. Axel has yet to visit Antarctica and while he seriously considered it for a while, more and more, he feels that the weather would be far too cold for his beloved guitar. Besides… he is highly concerned that tomatoes and good quality beef (which he admits is not alkaline food) may not be readily available to cook his Italian sauce.

Axel has been doing Life Coaching since 1993. He has been trained in Chet Holmes Business Mastery model for Business Coaching and in his LIfe Coaching practise uses Stephen Covey's, Brendon Burchard's, Martin Seligman's and Tony Robbins' amazing strategies to create transformational results in his clients.

Axel is also Certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching by the Robbins-Madanes Institute where he was trained by Mark and Magali Peysha themselves.

Axel plans to continue doing coaching until he turns 107 (at least).