Relationship Coaching


Do you look at happy couples and wonder what went wrong in your own relationship? Can you identify passion and spark in other relationships, yet lack the tools to create some in your own? 

What elements hold the key to a harmonious and lasting relationship? 


Are you tired of feeling duped in your relationship? Have issues like lack of trust, anger and growing responsibilities drained what little energy you had to keep the relationship alive? Are you looking for ways to reignite the passion and spark?

Are you losing connection with your partner?

Are you losing connection with your partner?

If you’ve read more help-books than your library could put on back order and have tried every relaxation technique to keep you from exploding with your significant other then perhaps you haven’t yet discovered what the underlying cause of relationship issues is. Through Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs Analysis for you and your partner learn to understand why you really do the things you do (and yes… why your partner does the things she/he does). We will use Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention method to help you resolve relationship conflict once and for all, and start enjoying your marriage and family as you were supposed to.

Maybe it's time to start that conversation with your partner..

Maybe it's time to start that conversation with your partner..

Axel has been coaching couples for over 20 years. Through Happiness Life Coaching rediscover the joy in your relationship and bring back stability and spark to your family life.


HLC will help you:

  • Establish what human needs are truly driving your behaviour and your partner's behaviour.

  • Conflict Resolution - Discover the true nature of conflict and learn effective negotiation skills.

  • Inspire your partner to truly satisfy your emotional needs bringing lasting joy and harmony to the relationship.