Why Choose HLC?


Time to decide... 

If you're waiting for the boat that will take you to your life's next level, consider Happiness Life Coaching.


Happiness Life Coaching is a venture of Axel who has a coaching experience of 30 years in personal development. It was born out of the joy he got from helping people and born a little out of sadness too. Axel has travelled the world extensively and has been amazed at how often people fail to realize how a slight 1-milimetre change in life could mean, in the long term, a totally different more rewarding life. Axel knows you can have a life of fulfilment where dreams do come true.

Axel sincerely deeply cares about people and is committed to achieving people's outcomes. He understands change can be difficult and at times very overwhelming. Axel understands that at times you may have some underlying fears (ok… maybe even pooping yourself scared-and it’s not alkaline pooh). So please, seriously, be assured that with full empathy in his heart, combined with an amazing passion for life, Axel promises to get you the results you want. It is this very results-oriented-approach that ensures you will get the return on your investment of time, energy and money.

More importantly, due to living principle-centered lives Axel believes in long-term sustainable change. He has and will continue to walk away from cheap-quick-fixes. You are not just being coached here. Axel will help you create your own pathway to happiness.

It's time to face the fears...

It's time to face the fears...

So get in touch with HLC if your feeling unhappy at the choices that are being presented to you, uncomfortable at making certain types of life changing decisions, feeling unsatisfied of not unleashing your true potential, or just confused at knowing how to resolve your issues and unaccomplished since you have everything but something just doesn't feel quite right. Axel can help you grow and get past these barriers!


I offer you: 

  • A free strategy session to determine what your outcomes are

  • I demonstrate how we plan to achieve your outcomes and the success we have had in the past - before you start!
  • I share the world’s best tools used in strategic intervention. These are designed to get results fast and encourage empowering behaviours in you.
  • I promise to run beside you as you make real changes and celebrate your wins with you!
  • I promise to show you genuine personal interest in what is important to you
  • You will receive a membership for life with Happiness Life Coaching after choosing any coaching plan
  • When you finish any coaching contract, we will schedule a free coaching call on any topic you like.